Modern smart phones are much more than simple cell phones and portable access to the Web. “Smart” phones like the HTC Sensation are essentially computers small enough to fit in the palm of our hands. This phone has a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 768 MB RAM, 1 GB internal storage, a gorgeous 4.3-inch Super LCD display and a dedicated graphics hardware accelerator. There are also many available HTC Sensation accessories like a HTC Sensation case, a HTC Sensation screen protector or even a microSD card that can help you add more information to your mobile phone. Speaking of organization and computer power, a primary role of smart phones these days is to help keep our complex lives ordered and the HTC Sensation excels at it.

Nevertheless, the HTC Sensation does not limit you to out-of-the-box organizational performance, and you can, in fact, get even more out of this lean and mean organizational machine by leveraging the right apps. A favorite of ours is Dropbox. DropBox is one of the newest cloud based applications and it provides you with 2 GB of free storage. Dropbox for Android is the client you’ll use on your Sensation to access the service, and store and retrieve photos, music, office documents and whatever other files you use on your phone. Dropbox is also accessible from Windows and Apple systems, and additional storage space is available from the Dropbox service for a small subscription fee.

Next, we need a to-do list manager and a notebook app, and Evernote is a particularly great choice because it combines both styles of app into one, and it does so with synergy. You can create notes by either typing or by using a stylus pen. You can also scribble with your fingers but you might not get the words or letter you wanted. You can also make a to-do list with this program and any notes that become part of your to-do list can easily be dragged over to the to-do side.

Note taking can be a very useful feature and even though it takes no time at all, we do not always have the time for it. This is where a program like Voice Recorder comes in handy. Simply press the record button, and then you can speak your note into the Sensation’s microphone. You can then send that file to Evernote as a sound file and listen to it whenever you want to.

Organization is an especially big problem for people in business environments who meet many new people every day.  It can be very difficult when you have to attend business conventions and try to stay on top of all the business cards you received. This is where CamCard Lite can be your best friend. Once you scan the card, this program will automatically gather all of the necessary information such as phone, name, address, and then store it in your data base. As you can see there are many applications that can help you stay organized when using this mobile device. The only thing you need to do is browse through the extensive list of apps and choose the ones that best fit you.

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